do it for the habs

i'm gonna marry a hockey players.
i'm that type of girls who fall in love with someone who is in a popular band.

i'ts hurts that sometimes you've got something in front of you, but you can't keep it forever. LIFE SUCK. california daydreamer


The most respectable moment in sports is after a Stanley Cup Playoff series. When players line up and shake hands after beating each other up for anywhere between 4 and 7 games. One is elated. The other, heartbroken.
Today the first series of the 2014 playoffs ended. Montreal swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in commanding fashion. 

Anonyme a demandé: Any funny Bruins gifs then? Or any team. I like hockey bloopers.


Oh we have plenty of bloopers

Ovi’s controller gets disconnected (x)

Time to do the Hossa Shake (x)

Yeah, that’s not how you hockey (x)

And finally, whatever this is.. (x)


Marc Bergevin rushes to congratulate the team after Patches’s goal.